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Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
Specialist for General Medicine,
Sport Medicine and Preventive Medicine
  • Tests for personal suitability for sport activities, including medical case history, examination with emphasis on cardio-vascular and musculoskeletal systems, resting electrocardiogram, stress electrocardiogram, and — if necessary — a test for lung functionality

  • Please note that a complete medical laboratory and expert consultation support all tests.

  • Examination for personal suitability for diving (scope of testing includes all those listed above)
  • Immunization consultation for foreign countries
  • Training plans and performance diagnostics using bicycle and treadmill according to BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage) guidelines
  • Group field tests for specific types of sports
  • Examination for airplane pilot suitability in cooperation with AME Doctor of Medicine Hans Engels
  • Consultation and continuing medical support for desired weight reduction, including laboratory tests and determination of body fat share using body fat calipers

In addition, especially for recreational and professional athletes:

  • Continual, individual support and supervision for athletes in all types of sports, from elementary school age on up
  • Advice and consultation based on Sport Psychology
Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
Specialist for General Medicine, Sports Medicine and Preventive Medicine
Bismarckstraße 53 : 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany : Tel: (+49) 7142-21727 : Fax: (+49) 7142-21715