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Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
Specialist for General Medicine,
Sport Medicine and Preventive Medicine

"Good health" is something that we wish our friends every birthday. In fact, good health, staying fit, and keeping as young as possible are wishes that everyone has. Preventive medicine helps us meet these goals.

  • Give your body the attention it needs!
  • Take the time for a complete medical checkup every year!
  • Motivate your friends to have health care goals!
  • Taking care of yourself is not a question of age! The earlier you start, the better!

    What we offer:

    • Laboratory testing (for example, risk profile, electrolyte status, hormone balance, immune status, tumor markers)
    • Cardiovascular checkup with electrocardiogram (EKG) stress test
    • Musculoskeletal system checkup (examination for muscular reduction or imbalance, vulnerable points in joints or tendons, foot fault analysis, improper posture)
    • Lung checkup for breathing problems (especially important for people with allergies, since they have a higher risk of bronchial asthma)
    • Vaccine immunization status
    • Dietary checkup with measurement of body fat share
    • A wide range of fitness checkups
    Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
    Specialist for General Medicine, Sports Medicine and Preventive Medicine
    Bismarckstraße 53 : 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany : Tel: (+49) 7142-21727 : Fax: (+49) 7142-21715