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Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
Specialist for General Medicine,
Sport Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Sports Medicine Performance Diagnostics are ...

... for everyone who in as little time as possible wants to reach his/her goals healthily and with motivation. These include:

  • "Week-end", recreational athletes
    • Targeted, long-lasting weight reduction
    • Improved fatty acid metbolism in cases of high cholesterol
    • Improved blood pressure behavior
    • Improved coronary blood flow
    • Optimal physical condition, even in advanced age
    • Avoidance of skeletal injury caused by stress
      (to knee joints, back discs, or hip joints, for example)

Starting up again after illness

  • Level tests on bicycle or treadmill with increased strain every 3 minutes
  • Identification of heart rate and lactate levels (lactic acid) through earlobe blood tests at the end of every test level
  • Creation of a lactate/heart rate curve
  • Determination of an individual's performance capabilities, especially in the areas of basic endurance, stressed endurance, separate aerobic-anaerobic thresholds, stamina
  • Written evaluations and personal consultation
  • Creation of training plans with separate pulse levels for individual training areas
Defined, individual pulse specifications are strongly recommended as part of the preparation for marathons, triathlons und bicycle races.

Doctor of Medicine Tanja Engels
Specialist for General Medicine, Sports Medicine and Preventive Medicine
Bismarckstraße 53 : 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany : Tel: (+49) 7142-21727 : Fax: (+49) 7142-21715